The Morse Code in One Minute: Lesson 1

Here’re the four lines of mnemonics, which is all you will ever need to remember all the letters of the Morse code:

1 True Enthusiast

2 Mothers Nurturing Absolute Idiots

3 Old Goal Keeping Defenders, Who Risk Untold Scrutiny?

4 - . Queen Zeebra, You Created Xenophobic Barriers for Japanese Painters. Nothing Lamer - First Visits Hurt.

How do these mnemonics help you? Simple. Each bolded letter in every line of these mnemonics represents each letter of every line of this flowchart:

Morse Code Flowchart by I Kinda Like Languages

And this flowchart represents all the letters in the code. So, one DAH (long sound) represents a T, two DAHs - an M, and two DAHS (long sounds) followed by a short one (DIT) represent a G.

So, for example:

M is "DAH DAH", N is "DAH DIT", A is "DIT DAH", I is "DIT DIT", O is "DAH DAH DAH", etc.

What about numbers? Well, they are super easy because all of them consist of 5 symbols and they correspond to their own number - please just look up any Morse number chart and you’ll easily pick up how they work.

So, these mnemonics will let you remember the flowchart, and remembering the flowchart will let you figure out the letters. From there, just keep practicing to internalize it.

Also, if you come up with better mnemonics to remember this list, please write to me at and I might just include them.

Good luck Morseing! And don’t be afraid to be silly. After all, truly elite mothers nurture absolute idiots.